How to Hack the Web (nicely)

What is This?

This is a tutorial to teach people how to use Inspect Element. You may have seen Inspect Element before if you have ever wanted to right click something and accidentaly gotten a whole bunch of text. That was probably Inspect Element, a quick and handy way to see the HTML code inside of any web page. What is HTML? Well, HTML is the programing language that is used to make every single webpage. For example I am typing in HTML right now to make these words appear on your screen. With Inspect Element you can see the HTML inside of any website. You can also temporarily change the code. What ever you change will only be on your version of the website. Anyone else seeing that website will not be able to see your changes.

Hack #1: Delete an Ad

The simplest and most useful hack is to delete an advertisment. You can practice on this website. Let's pretend that the cute little neocities cat on the left side of your screen is a super annoying ad. (This is how you do it on chrome I'm still working on inspect element for other browsers) First two finger click on the web page. Then go down to the bottom of the menu to something that says Inspect or Inspect Element. Click on that. You will see a you will see a window pop up that has some HTML code in it. There is an icon in the top right corner that looks like a mouse clicking on a square. Click on it. Now, when you hover over any object the code in the window will highlight. Hover over the cute little neocities cat. The code will light up. CLick on the neocities cat. Then delete the highlighted code. The cat went away! If you totaly messed things just reload the page.

Hack #2: Put Your Name On Something

Ok, so this is my personal favorite because it just is. Here goes, you know how to highlight code and then delete it. So how about change it? Here's how. I would try firs with the text that says "(nicely)" at the top of this page. Go into inspect element and highlight that word "(nicely)". Dubble click the word (nicely), this will show a text box that you can type in. You can type in you name or some other message. I personaly like to write birthday messages to people and then show them the web page and see if they can figure it out. Once you get a hang of it on this page you can change any word on a web page.