This will be a website with pretend information about a fake place called The Cape Brick Beach Hut. For now there are only pictures. Check back later for real stuff.

A lego photgrapher taking a picture of a lego girl on her surf board. A lego waiter is giving a lego stormtrooper a lego grilled cheese sandwich and a lego cup of water, the lego stormtrooper is sitting in a lego deck chair next to the beach. A lego person is taking a picture of a lego sea star. A lego girl with blond hair is surfing on a green lego surf board. A cute little lego kid with a red baseball cap is building a lego sandcastle on the beach. A lego person is drinking from a lego waterbottle. The lego person is sitting in a pink chair on the beach next to a striped umbrella. A lego ranger is showing a lego girl a lego starfish. A lego boy is doing a dance with 2 lego people is hula costumes.